VEKA SPECTRAL is the innovative finishing technology for VEKA PVC profile systems for doors and windows. Pioneering in design, with silky touch and ultra-matte finish. With VEKA SPECTRAL all senses are stimulated.

Finishes and colors for PVC windows in today's architecture.

VEKA SPECTRAL was created to offer its customers a wide range of colors, in continuous development, to meet any design requirement and adapt to changing architectural trends. It is the perfect solution for projects that seek differentiation. VEKA SPECTRAL is the result of the innovative work of the VEKA Group and constitutes a turning point in the design and manufacture of PVC profiles for doors and windows.

VEKA SPECTRAL is the surface finishing technology that attracts with its silky and unique finish, irresistible to the touch. Its exclusive ultramatte finish gives the surface an elegant aesthetic that arouses curiosity, making you want to feel the material in your hands.

Its outstanding technical characteristics give the profile high durability and resistance to weathering and abrasion to meet the highest demands, maintaining a flawless appearance throughout the lifetime of the window with VEKA profiles. This new technology, unique in the market, achieves a glare-free surface that repels fingerprints and moisture and is easy to clean, just a damp cloth is all that is needed.