Advantages of VEKA PVC

Thanks to its unquestionable benefits, PVC has been consolidated as the best alternative in the manufacture of window systems, above other materials such as aluminum or wood.

It is currently the most widely used material in the construction sector. It has the most complete characteristics, it is the most competitive and efficient of all those used in the manufacture of windows and doors. It is therefore the ideal material for the manufacture of doors and windows.


VEKA PVC offers virtually unlimited creative possibilities, as it allows us to manufacture products that adapt to almost any architectural project.

At VEKA we seek to put an end to the limitations in terms of color and shape of the profiles, thanks to innovation. Thus, we have managed to offer a palette of more than 40 colors, with a wide range of designs and sizes, making it possible to customize your window.

VEKA SPECTRAL is an innovative finish developed exclusively by the VEKA Group. It is characterized by giving the windows a silky and unique touch, which you will not find in any competing product and that will give your architectural projects a differentiating touch.


Among the main qualities that make PVC an ecological and sustainable material is its low environmental impact, which is present from the little waste material generated to the low energy consumption of its production.

It is characterized by a long service life and low environmental impact that have been extensively studied. The results of these studies support its contribution to sustainable development:

  • Composed of 57% common salt, an almost inexhaustible and easily extractable resource.
  • In its production and transformation into PVC profiles, only water vapor is emitted into the atmosphere, so it does not generate polluting emissions.
  • It is 100% recyclable.
  • It is an excellent thermal and acoustic insulator, which reduces energy consumption while protecting us from external noise.
  • Being inert, it is a material that does not harm health. In addition, it is insensitive to fungal contamination and does not emit any volatile organic compounds.


Undoubtedly, windows with VEKA PVC profiles bring comfort and well-being to the home. They also contribute to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants, since they are a real guarantee of comfortable environments, without noise and with pleasant temperatures. Their use saves money on heating and air conditioning bills, since in summer they reduce the entry of heat from the outside and in winter they maintain the temperature by preventing heat from escaping to the outside.

Because creating better living spaces is our motivation!