Pioneers in PVC recycling

Environmentally friendly windows with VEKA PVC profiles


Caring for the environment is something that concerns us all. Keeping the planet clean and preserving natural resources depends on our daily decisions, such as choosing the right building materials, which can make a big difference. That is why at VEKA we strive to reduce the environmental footprint of our products by helping you achieve a more efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly home.

Windows with VEKA PVC profiles are environmentally friendly and contribute to the conservation of natural resources thanks to several factors:

  • High level of utilization and safety in the extraction of raw material.
  • It does not emit pollutant emissions into the atmosphere during its manufacture.
  • Efficient production incorporating recycled material.
  • Increased thermal and acoustic insulation in homes.
  • They are 100% recyclable.


PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is one of the most widely used materials worldwide. It has multiple applications in sectors such as construction, healthcare, electronics, automotive and others. We can find it in products such as pipes, coatings, clothing, cable and wire insulation, system components, windshields, etc. It has many positive qualities but stands out for its harmlessness and safety from a sanitary point of view.


As early as 1993, VEKA started up Europe's largest and most modern PVC window recycling facility in Germany. We currently have two more in the UK and France with the capacity to recycle 30 tons of windows per hour and 200,000 tons per year, making us the first company in the industry with our own facilities for the complete recovery of PVC windows.

Circular economy at VEKA

At VEKA we are constantly researching improvements in our processes and products. We seek to be a plus in architecture and construction, since in addition to contributing to the performance and sustainability of our PVC profiles, we consider the life cycle of these,

we are concerned that our products generate the least amount of waste, so now with our VEKA Trim Recycling Program, we can recycle these, transforming them into raw material for new profiles.

  • WE REDUCE the generation of offcuts, so we avoid everything that generates waste in our processes.
  • WE REUSE offcuts which will be removed from containers at our customers' factories.
  • WE RECYCLE the waste we remove to return it to the VEKA PVC profile manufacturing process.