VEKA Quality

VEKA, German Quality

To talk about quality, we have to go into the technical details of VEKA PVC profiles. The thickness of the inner walls is a key factor for the quality of a window profile and also for the performance and durability when installed. It is literally the inner values that matter. But this also means that major differences in the quality of windows and doors are hardly visible from the outside, even to experts.

With windows and doors made of VEKA PVC profiles, you can always be sure that you are choosing the highest quality on the market. Thanks to their special performance and durability, the windows and doors will enhance any property for decades, without neglecting much-needed properties such as acoustic and thermal insulation, as well as aesthetic features. We are the world's leading manufacturer of PVC profile systems, with a history of success spanning more than 50 years.

We have excellent quality in all VEKA products. To guarantee this, our company has established a system of strict quality controls. These controls extend along the entire production chain worldwide, from the careful examination of the delivered raw materials to the precise mixing of the company's own compound recipe and the measurement of the extruded profiles.

Our controls are very strict, as they are carried out at shorter intervals and at more measuring points than required by the recognized RAL quality control. All these measures have one goal: to provide builders with the best quality to make their living dreams come true.