Who are we?


VEKA, the world's leading manufacturer of PVC profiles, is recognized in more than 80 countries for its commitment to the environment and the exceptional quality of its PVC profile systems for doors, windows and shutters.

Founded in 1969 by Heinrich Laumann, in the city of Sendenhorst, Germany, VEKA combines tradition and modernity in research and development to create product lines differentiated in contemporary design, efficiency and sustainability. As a pioneer, it conquered the market and drove the business that today makes VEKA the largest extruder of PVC profiles for doors and windows in the world.

VEKA uses advanced technologies that increase the acoustic and thermal protection of homes and buildings. Inside, the sensations are renewed, with greater safety, comfort and quality of life for families and workers. VEKA is present in Latin America, with factories in Brazil and Chile, and a distribution center located in Argentina and Mexico.

Technology and Sustainability

Quality, precision, technology and respect for the environment are values engraved in VEKA's DNA since its foundation. And its controllers have always invested in validating and strengthening these concepts. VEKA AG in Sendenhorst was the first company in the industry to receive ISO 9001 certification in 1992. And, in the manufacturing process, it has always adopted strict quality criteria, according to European standards and the performance parameters required in the countries where it operates.

Pioneers in PVC recycling


We manufacture sustainably

Caring for the environment is something that concerns us all. Keeping the planet clean and preserving natural resources depends on our daily decisions, such as choosing the right building materials, which can make a significant difference.

That is why VEKA strives to reduce the environmental footprint of our products, helping you to achieve a more efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly home. Windows with VEKA PVC profiles are environmentally friendly and contribute to the conservation of natural resources thanks to different factors: High level of utilization and harmlessness in the extraction of raw materials. No pollutant emissions into the atmosphere during manufacturing. Efficient production incorporating recycled material. Greater thermal and acoustic insulation in homes. They are 100% recyclable.

PVC, a healthy and safe material

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is one of the most widely used materials worldwide. It has multiple applications in sectors such as construction, healthcare, electronics, automotive and others. We can find it in products such as pipes, coatings, clothing, cable and wire insulation, system components, windshields, etc. It has many positive qualities but stands out for its harmlessness and safety from a sanitary point of view.