Broaden your horizons with VEKA Vision XXL

Broaden your horizons with VEKA Vision XXL

Embark on a unique experience as you discover the extraordinary advantages of Vision XXL by VEKA, designed to offer you up to 20% more visual spaciousness than standard windows.

Vision XXL responds to design and aesthetic requirements, adapting to architectural needs and not vice versa. With this exclusive innovation, your windows with VEKA PVC profiles will not only stand out for their generous dimension, but will also retain AEV physical performance, ensuring exceptional performance.

Experience the power of Vision XXL, as your windows will not only enhance the solar gain increase, but also expand the light transmission, providing a brighter and more welcoming environment. Using XXL in your projects is the perfect choice to expand your spaces without the need to change VEKA PVC profile, offering a more stylish design and enhancing elegance.

With a larger glazing surface, they will not only guarantee long-lasting durability, but also significantly improve sound insulation, providing you with a quiet and comfortable home. At VEKA, we are proud to offer you more than PVC profiles; we bring you exceptional safety, spaciousness, durability and performance.

Discover excellence in every detail and expand your horizons with Vision XXL by VEKA, where quality meets comfort to transform your home into an incomparable space. Welcome to a new dimension of innovative and functional VEKA PVC windows and profiles!