International Workshop in Brasil

Circular Economy - "A world of opportunities"

International Workshop in Brasil

The International Workshop on Circular Economy - "A world of opportunities!" was held from October 1 to 6 in Brazil and brought together the ISO Technical Committee on Circular Economy (ISO/TC 323 - Circular Economy) and the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT).

The collegiate body, dedicated to standardization in the field of the circular economy, one of the decisive aspects for the global success of the climate agenda and the sustainability of the productive sectors, is made up of international expertsfrom more than 40 countries, Brazil being one of the coordinators. The event addressed the topic in depth, reiterating the importance of standardization in this critical area for the planet and the economy.

This workshop, held by ABNT - Brazilian Association of Technical Standards in Brazil, provided a unique experience on best practices related to the topic, with renowned speakers and foreign experts leading the change towards a more sustainable world.

For our part, David Taveira, Managing Director, VEKA LATAM, participated in the event.was able to present our company, the group's philosophy and our products.

"A great honor to have participated in international Workshops dealing with such an important topic as recycling and circular economy!And obviously very happy to have been able to demonstrate that VEKA, as a Group that has been a pioneerfor 30 years in the recycling of PVC profiles, is already more than a committed and responsible Group, but a company that for many years has been actively contributing to the circular economy through its investments and actions." Comments David Taveira, Managing Director, VEKA LATAM.