Casa tres cumbres

Ye House

La Casa Ye is a pavilion suspended over a landscape of myrtle trees with a privileged view of the Cayumapu River and its wetlands, created after the earthquake of May 29, 1960 in Valdivia, Chile. These wetlands have a rich fauna of birds such as the endemic black-necked swan and a dense vegetation layer composed of reeds and lotus flowers, among other species very characteristic of these territories.

The program's brief is a house to spend the weekends. The architectural response is the creation of 3 volumes in the arrangement of the letter Y, articulated by the access and that solve the characteristics of the assignment. The main pavilion for the couple is placed parallel to the river, then a second volume to receive the children of each one and their friends, placed slightly inclined, to achieve the capacity in the width of the land and control the length of the building. Both pavilions are articulated through the access -which is at the same time a window over the Cayumapu River- from which the third architectural body is detached and forms the parking lot, a very important place for the owner of the house, a lover of motorcycles and cars and of receiving friends, which is why the parking lot is at the same time an extension of the access terrace.